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The Lone Bull Group is a private equity firm with approximately R2 billion in assets under management.

Gert Joubert (free thinking entrepreneur) and Carel Steenkamp CA(SA) (Accounting, tax and auditing background), who over the years have launched, amalgamated and managed several successful ventures, created the Lone Bull Group in 2020, in the midst of the global pandemic.

With our entrepreneurial heritage, we have developed a distinctive approach to investments based on innovation-led growth and a distinctive culture of openness and collaboration.

Our principled focus on business fundamentals has resulted in a disciplined and organic evolution of our business. We have developed an ecosystem of insight, engagement, an extensive track record and a strategic orientation towards high growth areas, such as finance and property.


The brothers Joubert

The Joubert Brothers, Gert and Chris, were born in South Africa’s mother city, Cape Town. Both their parents were in the teaching profession.

The brothers completed their schooling in Cape Town and after studying at the University of Stellenbosch, decided to seek their future in Namibia, a country they both loved dearly.


A Namibian presence

On arriving in Namibia (then known as South West Africa) in the early 70’s, they began cattle ranching on a small scale. Through hard work and by diligently reinvesting their profits into their business, they succeeded in building the biggest cattle ranching operation in Namibia. This business comprised of numerous ranches consisting of hundreds of thousand acres of land in the northern territory of the country, a cattle trucking company, and cattle feedlots in Cape Town.

In the early 80’s, they decided to become involved in property development in South Africa’s Cape Province where they developed a private coastal village on the West Coast near Cape Town. Shelley Point consists of 2000 dwellings, a private harbour, golf course, hotel and more.


Into the wilderness

The brothers’ development background, their deep love of the wild and their practical experience with cattle and game ranching, contributed to the accumulated skills and expertise of their company which they were soon to realise was ideally positioned to undertake a major new ecotourism development in southern Africa.

In pursuit of this goal, they chose their most treasured ranch, Erindi, for this conservation project. Their impeccable and traceable business record in both Namibia and South Africa, combined with their philosophy of meticulous long-term planning and an almost fanatical pursuit of quality and perfection has made Erindi Private Game Reserve the best conservation project of its kind in the whole of Africa.


Into the future

Gert and Carel met in late 2007 and there was an immediate meeting of minds, with Carel (C2M Chartered Accountants Inc.) being appointed as auditors of all Gert’s South African companies. Carel was also appointed as independent trustee and advisor to all Namibian trusts and companies.

Chris retired in 2008 after which Gert, in time, acquired full ownership of the group of companies, both in South Africa and Namibia.

Erindi Private Game Reserve was sold in early 2020 with the proceed used as seed capital for the formation of Lone Bull Group via the merging of various existing companies as well as utilized for new investments.


Our name

The origin of our name is derived from a song called “The lonely bull”

The name Lone Bull Group, thought up by Gert and Carel on an afternoon game drive on Erindi, was inspired by the sighting of a large kudu bull, the recent passing of Gert’s brother Chris, the song “The Lonely Bull” by Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass Band and of course, some whiskey.

The word play relating to bull markets is testament to the fact that Gert has always been extremely bullish in certain ventures when others were sending strong warnings for him not to invest his time, energy and money into those sectors.

Not heeding those warnings, Gert has backed all his own ideas over the years, forging forward in the good times and the bad, and has subsequently become very successful.

Following this success, the Lone Bull Group was created which in turn aims to address the needs of other entrepreneurs who want to make a success of their business ventures.

The Lone Bull Group is Gert’s way of sharing his successes with others who in turn can keep paying it forward.


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